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Why September’s the new January for your business!

By Eve


eve-powellThere’s a palpable excitement in the air that comes with the arrival of September… and not just for parents cheerily waving their offspring back to school! Shoes have been shined, new stationery bought and pencils sharpened (we writers do love a pointy nib!). The magical transformation of autumn is on the horizon, while we’re still feeling energised from the R&R of long summer days and holiday adventures.


Fresh starts are most definitely afoot, so now’s the time to give your business a boost and make the most of this leafy window of opportunity:


Embrace that back-to-school feeling

Channel your inner schoolgirl or boy and remember how exciting learning can be. Explosive chemistry lessons may not be on the timetable for us anymore, but we could all do with expanding our knowledge base every now and then.


For example, take a look at your marketing activity – are you wondering what to do next? It’s an ever-changing landscape out there with new features and innovations emerging all the time. Ask yourself if you’re using social media channels effectively and whether your SEO knowledge is up to scratch. Is there something new you could learn and put into practice at work?


There are plenty of seminars and courses available (including our ‘Marketing 101’ workshops!) to help you pick up some new skills. Take a look at what you can learn from other businesses in your field and what learning opportunities are around you; it’s a must if you want to be top of the class!


Review, refresh and reconnect 

autumn-learningForget waiting until January to make those resolutions; September’s the time to kick-start your final quarter. In fact, in the spirit of autumn, think of it as your golden quarter. It’s time to use your energy to get motivated, get planning and set some targets.


If you haven’t already, review your marketing plan, put together a content strategy and take a closer look at your business. Assess what services and products of yours have been most successful so far this year. And then refresh your objectives to help you focus your energy.


It’s likely that your clients were harder to track down during the summer, so September is the perfect time to reconnect. It’s a great opportunity to hear their news and share your own. And while they’re back at their desks, try asking customers for feedback on your services to use as testimonials and case studies – giving you more to add to your newly reviewed marketing plan!


Expand your network

Now summer is coming to a close, contacts are available and, like you, are renewing their focus on what they need to achieve in the next few months. This makes September a great time to expand your network and grow your client base.


Photo: Keith James

If you find the idea daunting, look at ways to meet other businesses that don’t feel like networking. At Chatterbox we understand traditional networking events are not everyone’s cup of tea – plus we love an excuse to get outdoors! – so we’ve introduced ‘netwalking’, allowing us to walk as we talk and leave the formality of a boardroom behind. The combination of  being in nature, taking in crisp autumn views and chatting to new people in a totally unpressurised environment seems to be a winning formula!


Use September to create a calendar of opportunities to meet new people (like us!) or think about creating your own events. You never know who you’ll meet along the way!


When it comes to boosting productivity, reviving your business ‘va-va-voom’ and setting some goals, September really is the new January. So don’t wait until the new year, now is the time to turn over a (golden) new leaf!


If you’d like to join one of our upcoming events or fancy grabbing a cuppa (or even an autumnal ‘pumpkin spice’ latte!) and finding out more about how we can help, do get in touch.