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Why outsourced PR could benefit your business

By Ashleigh


pr-cardiff“Do what you do best and outsource the rest,” as the saying goes. Of all the must-do things on your business’ tick list, which few – if done brilliantly – will produce the best results?


Running our own companies can be a juggle, with business owners often acting as marketeer, bookkeeper, cleaner and chief bottle-washer – all before the bit we’re actually good at! To allow yourself to focus on what you do best, outsourcing to experts can result in every area of your business being efficiently and effectively managed. Yet many business owners resist!


If that sounds like you, these five fab advantages of outsourcing your PR might help change your mindset:


1. It’s cost effective PR!


Creating an in-house PR department can be costly up front in terms of recruitment, training and investment in technology. Then there are the ongoing costs of employment – many of which can be hidden, including unproductive hours and absence.


Retaining a PR agency is cost-effective, with a fixed monthly investment for an agreed schedule of work. Make sure you put in place a service agreement that suits both parties, with a notice period allowing you to end the contract if it doesn’t work for you – and which doesn’t leave your PR plans in the lurch should the agency wish to end the arrangement!


2. You’re buying in PR expertise


pr-cardiffEver been in a busy newsroom? Know the difference between editorial and advertorials? Public relations people are qualified and experienced, often with many years’ real newsroom experience in broadcast, print and online. They know which publications your business will fit and how to angle a story to maximise press coverage. A good PR agency will also invest time and finances into continually updating the team’s skillset and researching new trends.


3. You’ll access the right media network 


Good PR agencies are extremely well connected; not only with other businesses with whom you may be able to collaborate, but also with (of course!) the media. They work closely with local newspapers, national broadcasters, specialist magazines, bloggers, online influencers and media distribution agencies – it’s a long list!


One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to PR and there’s no magic formula to increase your reach. As your business grows and develops, your PR requirements will change and a good outsourced PR team will be one step ahead of your needs, steering you in the right direction. Whether you want to position yourself as an industry expert, showcase new products or services, advertise opportunities or share exciting news, a trusted PR firm will do it effectively.


4. You’ll reduce your risk of landing in hot water


Doing your own marketing can be a minefield, especially given the potential pitfalls of social media these days. It’s common for businesses to assign this task to a junior member of staff yet, without a basic understanding of what you’re trying (and what you’re allowed!) to say, your PR could soon create a greater risk than that you’re trying to mitigate.


The right PR agency will draw up consistent, clear and accurate messaging and ensure it’s implemented across all channels, including digital, print and company signage. They will promote your business in a proactive, positive way and, should a crisis arise through the actions of your staff or external factors, they will be able to advise the right strategy and limit any damage.


5. You’ll gain fresh perspective


effective-prNo matter how objective you or your team try to be, you’re always going to see your business from the inside. An outsourced PR agency is a fresh pair of eyes, seeing your selling points from a new angle and bringing in fresh ideas. They will know from experience and instinct what your audience wants to see, with the skills to create engaging, relevant content that resonates with customers. And they’ll also be able to assess your competitors objectively, giving you a winning edge!


We work on a retained basis and on one-off media campaigns with our clients, who range from start-ups and sole traders to national brands. To find out more about the benefits of outsourced PR, say hello on 029 2167 9090 or drop us a line.