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Six resolutions for business success!

The new year has arrived and it’s a good time to reflect on where you want the coming months to take your business. New year’s resolutions don’t have to be confined to our personal lives, so if you want to get your business off to the best possible start, read our remarkable resolutions for business success!


business-resolutions1. Learn to prioritise

There are many things to think about while running a business and it’s easy to convince ourselves we need to do all of them NOW. Tired of feeling frazzled? Then stop wearing all the hats in your business and hand over some of the tasks to the best person for the job. Happiness and delegation form the path to success!


2. Join a networking group

We could probably all do with talking to other like-minded individuals a little more, and joining a a general networking group or an organisation dedicated to your particular industry is sure to freshen up your business thinking. Before attending an event, list three things you wish to learn or people you want to meet, making it a more targeted and therefore productive experience.


3. Manage your social media marketing

Been putting off social media? Procrastinating over those posts? Taking steps to improve your online presence can boost your customer relationships brilliantly. Have you thought about starting a business blog, but haven’t had time to plan a content strategy? Or perhaps you started a blog – in 2015 – and there’s been a hefty gap since your last article? Outsourcing your business’ digital marketing to a professional team (that’s us!) can, quite literally, take the words out of your mouth and free up your time to focus on running the show.


new-hobby4. Learn something new

Whether the ‘something new’ is related to your business or not, adding to your skills base is always a bonus. Taking up a new craft or interest can widen your view of the world and introduce you to all sorts of new and interesting people (…who may potentially become customers, members of your team or new friends!). You’re probably wondering how on earth you’ll find the time to learn something new – by prioritising and delegating, remember?!


5. Don’t let risks hold you back

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything,” said actress Geena Davis (and she should know; she was in Cutthroat Island). Nothing worth doing is without its risks, so embrace the positivity of risk and where it might take you. Try new ways of doing things in the coming year to better your business; some will work and some won’t, but you’ll learn from every experience.


6. If at first you don’t succeed…

… try, try again! Fallen at the first hurdle with shiny resolution number one? Whether it’s a personal or business resolution, you’re far from alone if it’s not going so well by the second week of January. Our client Lynette Evans, a counsellor who helps individuals and staff teams find their happy, suggests thinking in terms of goals rather than resolutions, and breaking them down into small steps. “A successful goal is something that adds to your life, not something that takes from it,” she says. “If your goal is about giving something up, flip it on its head and concentrate on what you will gain in your personal life or business by keeping to it – it’s far more motivational.”


So, what are you waiting for? Use the quiet time that January can bring to map out your ideas and make 2018 the year your business dreams really do come true!