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New year, new you – for all the right reasons!

new-yearNew year is the time for change – but how many of us make changes for the right reasons? With millions of Britons’ resolutions underway, the motives behind them could determine their success, according to south Wales expert Lynette Evans.


Counsellor and psychotherapist Lynette, who runs The Listening Helper, inspires and enables her clients to make positive changes in their lives – and her initial step is to find out why they want to do things differently to begin with. Lynette says: “For many people, January is a great time to look ahead and focus on a ‘new year, new you’. But it’s essential to look at the deeper reasons why you may want to make a particular resolution in the first place. For me, the emphasis is on emotional health and wellbeing for the year, rather than making a resolution for the sake of it.”


Lynette works with clients across south Wales on a range of issues such as stress management, confidence building, anxiety and depression, coping with bereavement or dealing with relationship issues. She adds: “People naturally just want to be happy, but happiness is an inside job. The good news is that change is achievable – and my job is enabling people to make those changes for a happier life! I make sure my clients are doing the right things for the right reasons and then help set them on the path to achieve their goals. By working together, we find positive ways to examine difficulties from alternative perspectives to create new meaning in life, and acquire the tools to achieve goals.”


In addition to working with individual clients, Lynette works with business owners to create a happier workforce and increase productivity. She meets clients face-to-face at a number of locations and also offers telephone and Skype sessions. To find out more, visit or contact Lynette on 07720 849263.