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Landmark event to make the difference on International Men’s Day

A landmark event ensuring all young men have a positive and healthy future promises to be the first of its kind in Wales on International Men’s Day.


Making the Difference: Rethinking How We Work with Boys is the first of two conferences organised by our client Positive Vibes International. Community groups and individuals are invited to attend the events in Newport, which will focus on improving emotional health and wellbeing for all by creating an agenda of positivity and inclusivity. The International Men’s Day event takes place in the Christchurch Centre on November 19, while a follow-up conference is being planned for the spring.


The event, which aims to rewrite statistics around male suicide, academic achievements and imprisonment rates, has attracted renowned speakers Daniel Sobel, Mike Armiger and John Sheppard. Daniel Sobel is the founder and CEO of Inclusion Expert, which provides resources and training to schools to help transform pupil outcomes. Michael Armiger is an advisor and trainer specialising in education, mental health, suicide prevention and fostering, while John Sheppard created the Resilience Doughnut model used worldwide to build emotional resilience and wellbeing.


Shan Jones, who founded Positive Vibes International with Rachel Beddoe, said: “We’re excited to be holding two events that will put respect and equality firmly on the agenda. Our young people are facing enormous challenges and pressure to behave in a certain way. Our focus is to create pathways to help them navigate these challenges and achieve success in positive, healthy ways.


Rachel Beddoe, author of Surviving Girlhood, said “Our boys and young men in particular are often uncertain of how to behave, with macho and outdated attitudes prevalent in their culture, and are at risk of experiencing mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, as well as committing crimes. We are delighted to have keynote speakers of the calibre of Daniel, Mike and John, and look forward to idea-sharing sessions that will hopefully prove a launch pad for many future projects.”


Founded in 2018, Positive Vibes International works across education, business and  industry to support emotional health and wellbeing. Their work includes delivering training for CSC Joint Education Consortium, as well as receiving People’s Lottery funding to work with The Parent Network and recently facilitating an empowerment day for women with Families First.


Tickets can be bought on Eventbrite and more details can also be found at and