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Incredible content: trends you need to know about!

By Rachael


How can you create a marketing campaign with impact? Your business needs to stay ahead of the content trends if you’re to steal a march on your competitors and, whether you engage a content agency or have a marketeer in your team, you need someone who understands that the way we search for information is changing.


Your customers are overloaded with data and decide in just a few seconds whether to engage or scroll on by. Quickly responding to digital trends can therefore mean the difference between marketing success or failure, so here are three content trends to sink your teeth into:


Video content

This year, it’s estimated that online video will account for approximately 80% of new content. Consumers are looking for fast, relevant information and creating video content as part of your marketing strategy is an easy way to deliver this. Videos hook the audience and engage them for longer, as well as leading to more social media shares and adding authenticity to your messages.




When we think of video content, we tend to focus on the visuals, but the words are just as crucial. Your film needs to tell a story – and succinctly, as a video has only about a minute and a half in which to keep your audience’s attention. We’re experts in creating concise, compelling messages, so if you need a hand with scriptwriting, have a chat!


Voice SEO

With the rise in popularity of voice activated assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, tech experts believe that half of all online searches will be using voice activated technology by 2020. Be mindful that a voice search will provide an answer to a question but may not always give a full list of results like a typed search would, which should impact on the way your business thinks about its SEO content.


A good content writer uses language to reflect the way we speak in real life. Voice queries are likely to be more spontaneous than a typed search, so think about ‘long-tail’ keywords, which are phrases instead of individual words. There’ll also be more of an emphasis on long-form content as search engines focus on the quality of the web pages to deliver the most relevant results.


Social media stories

Social media platforms are increasingly adding a ‘stories’ function to share images and video. Bear in mind that stories disappear after 24 hours, so it’s an excellent platform for sharing short-term offers or promotions with an added sense of urgency.


The advantage of stories, as opposed to standard social media posts, is that they appear at the top of a user’s newsfeed, putting your message in a prime position.  Adding video content or images will further draw in your audience and encourage potential customers to click through to your website. This form of content is still comparatively new but, if utilised properly, can customise content to suit exactly the people you want to reach.


The future is here!  Consumer demands are moving rapidly, but if your business stays up to date with current trends, you’ll increase the level of engagement from your customers and ensure that your messages are reaching the right people, in the right way and at the right time.


Inspired to take up the marketing mantle in 2019? Have a read through our library of marketing tips or give us a call on 029 2167 9090 to find out about our content marketing plans!