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Five ways your business can give peace a chance

By Eve


eve-powellTomorrow is World Peace Day, a universal chance for the world to come together and celebrate harmony.

Officially called the International Day of Peace and established by the United Nations, the annual event this year has the theme ‘Climate action for peace’, tying in with today’s climate change strikes around the world. With climate change causing clear threats to our international peace and security, the UN is highlighting the importance of combatting environmental decline as a way of protecting and promoting peace.

It’s no coincidence that the words ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity’ are often linked – peace is far more conducive to success than conflict! So we’ve been thinking about how World Peace Day can apply to businesses, too – here are our ideas!


Connect and collaborate 

No man (or business) is an island and some of the world’s biggest problems can only be solved if we start thinking of ourselves as parts of the whole. It’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. As humans we need each other, and as businesses we do too.

There are few things more valuable in business than to share ideas, experience and knowledge. So use this day to think about how you can collaborate with others around you, reach out to new people and embrace new working relationships. After all, sharing is caring!


Protect the environment

climate-changeIt’s very hard to achieve a peaceful world and a better future if we’re not taking care of our planet. To begin with, try taking steps towards having a zero waste office and then look at other eco-friendly solutions you can introduce at work.

And it’s not only the wider environment and climate that can benefit; ‘green’ buildings and healthy workspaces can make a big difference to employees’ wellbeing too. Good ventilation, plenty of natural light and having a work environment that incorporates nature can all contribute to improved health, wellness and productivity (and reduced conflict amongst staff!).


Promote and celebrate diversity

The International Day of Peace is a time to celebrate our diversity. Yes, we are all different but, more importantly, we are all equal. In this conflicted world, there’s never been a better time to break down barriers, open our arms and minds and embrace our differences.

Explore how your business can strengthen bonds and better understand the value of cultural and social diversity. Look at broadening your workforce and connections across society, and making your business an inclusive one. And in case you need more convincing, recent research indicates that the more diverse and inclusive the business, the better its performance!


Be kind

happy-workforceAs the film Wonder perfectly puts it: “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

Look around you and see if there’s someone who could do with some help, useful advice or just a few kind words. Thank-yous are also often undervalued and can go a long way, especially when handwritten (yes people still do that, you know!) and received unexpectedly.

Pay in kind, not conflict, and reap the rewards. After all, what comes around goes around and you might be the one gratefully reaching for a helping hand next time.


Chat it through

netwalkingWe’re big believers in the power of conversation (our name is a bit of a giveaway!). It’s much easier to resolve problems with someone if you can do this face-to-face, somewhere neutral and preferably in the fresh air. In our opinion, it’s hard to feel cross if you’re outside with a lovely view!

If you want to cultivate peace, then aim to promote a culture of transparency and accountability. Deal with issues early, often and openly. Rather than festering gripes and resentment, be clear, get to the point and resolve issues swiftly. Trust us, it’s much better than finding yourself excluded from the tea round!


So give peace a chance – and your business a helping hand!