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Five reasons why being in nature is good for business!

By Maxwell Dean


Ever feel mentally drained at work? The solution could be simpler than you think – you just need to look out of the window! To celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day, not to mention National Walking Month, here’s our guide to reconnecting with nature, and why taking time to do so within your working week is great for staff and business!


nature-business1. It’s good for brain power
Taking a break from a noisy office for a spell in the Great Outdoors could be just the ticket to recharge your energy and short-term memory. Reconnecting with nature helps to prevent mental fatigue. If you’re tired and unfocused, your customers will pick up on it, so topping up your brain power and taking care of your mental health can only help keep the customer satisfied!


2. It boosts creativity
Immersing yourself in natural beauty is a fantastic way to feel inspired – one of the surest ways to feed your creativity. If you’re facing a looming deadline and going through a creative block, a walk can do wonders. A revealing study by psychologists from the Universities of Kansas and Utah found that after four days of immersion in nature, hikers scored 50% more highly in creativity tests and problem-solving. Ok, so your team might ask questions if you set off under a heavy backpack for four days, but they shouldn’t miss you too much for half an hour!


3. It gets you out of boring boardrooms
Steve Jobs was a big fan of the walking meeting, and so are we! A great way to integrate physical activity into our working day, not only do they improve general physical health but are great for team building and can also take you away from everyday office distractions. Even if your workplace is in a city or on an industrial estate, stepping out along an urban route in the fresh air can bring new ideas and a different perspective. Perhaps one that works better for small teams though, lest your team of 50 clog up that towpath…


4. It strengthens employee relationships
walking-meetingsNature has a wonderful way of removing conscious and unconscious barriers. By reconnecting with nature and, consequently, one another, we can create stronger personal connections. Put simply, it helps us engage with our co-workers rather than staring at a screen all day, and customers are more likely to engage with a team pulling in the same direction.


5. It teaches us how to be sustainable
We can learn a huge amount from nature. Take a closer look outside and you might discover that the very systems within which the natural world operates resemble those which enable long-term business success. Nature is resilient, interconnected and highly adaptable. If you can say the same about your employee culture, you’re much more likely to be on the trail to success!


So go on, step outside for a lunch break, a meeting or a team away day – who knows where it might lead!


At Chatterbox, we’re a bit partial to being outside, which is why we love working with outdoorsy businesses wherever possible. If you’re looking for a PR team to quite literally walk the walk, our muddy boots and bright ideas are always at the ready!