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How digital tools are reshaping PR

By Megan Donnan


Has digital marketing changed the way you view PR? Public relations and marketing have long been a foundation for businesses, with techniques developed hundreds or even thousands of years ago still being used today (although admittedly we haven’t spotted the Taffs Well town crier going past our office lately…). But, of course, new technologies are changing the way we interact with each other – and with our customers. For PR professionals (that’s us!), the ability to embrace new tools offers exciting opportunities for our clients – and here are six of them!


First things first

For stand-out content, rule number one is to remember the basics. These include planning ahead and understanding your audience… and knowing what you want that audience to do once your message is received! Keep it simple and have a bit of fun; brighten your customers’ day with riveting blogs or dazzle them on social media with something a little different to your competitors’ tweets and posts (Need a helping hand? Cue Chatterbox’s social media experts!).


Be friendly

hola-helloIt’s never been easier for brands to connect directly with their customers and potential followers, but good old-fashioned trust and generosity remain the key. Heard about the 80/20 rule? Many brands think it’s all about them, but it’s far more important to listen than to constantly push the hard sell – boring! Take time to chat (we like this part!). Say hi, ask people how they’re doing and share their stuff – you never know where it might lead!


Do more video (but don’t ditch text!)

Some marketers are predicting that social media platforms will be all about video in 10 years, and it’s certainly true that video should be part of your digital strategy. However, who knows what could happen in a decade’s time (anyone predict in 2008 that a certain D. Trump would be running the United States? No Siree!), so develop a content strategy that includes both visual and written content. We’re pretty sure the need for sparkling copy isn’t going to disappear any time soon (*hastily crosses fingers*).


Be here now

The ability to live stream via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat means that brands can reach people in real time. Don’t try to do them all; pick one or two that work for your brand and do them brilliantly. Oh, and if you aren’t already tweeting live from networking events and conferences, we demand to know why not! Go on – join the conversation!


Reach journalists

When some of us (*coughs*) in the Chatterbox office cut our teeth as cub reporters, it was all about the fax machine, the Yellow Pages and – get this one! – knocking on ACTUAL doors. Fast forward a few years and journalists are now researching their stories on social media. Ta-dah – here’s your very own public relations opportunity to bag the front page!


Ask for help

Yes, really! None of us knows everything, certainly when we’re starting out in business or thinking about expansion. It’s absolutely ok to ask for help when things aren’t going quite to plan or you feel your direction is floundering, and social media is a brilliant place to wave a little flag. Mainly, people are generous, supportive and keen to collaborate. And as for those who aren’t – do you really want to be doing business with them anyway?


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