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Celebrating women in Wales and the world

Heard the one about the 3.5bn people who can’t drive and can’t listen properly? Yes, we recently saw on social media that tired old trope about half the world’s population, and had to check the calendar to make sure we’re still in 2020!


womens-daySunday marks International Women’s Day, a global event celebrating and taking inspiration from remarkable women and their achievements. With a theme this year of ‘Each for Equal’, the aim is to actively challenge stereotypes, fight bias and broaden perceptions to collectively create a gender equal world and call out inequality (not to mention dated memes on Instagram!).


International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than a century, since 1911. It was held on March 8 in 1913 and has been marked globally on this date ever since. Although women’s rights and equality have progressed in great strides since then, the importance of this day remains. While almost 68% of girls in Wales achieve A*-C grades at GCSE, compared to approximately 58% of boys, men remain more likely to be employed. And the climb up the ladder is more of a struggle for women, with the number of FTSE 100 female CEOs falling from seven to just six percent between 2018-2019.


chatterbox-communicationsWe’re an all-female team at Chatterbox – perhaps unsurprisingly, with professional body the PRCA showing that women account for almost two thirds of people working in PR. We haven’t set out to exclude men – quite the opposite – but it’s happened that the people who best research our clients, show how they can add value and deliver brilliant results have largely been female (perhaps we were listening intently to the brief after all…).


We remain committed to diversity and equality while loudly shouting about the achievements of the awesome ladies we work and collaborate with. Read our article on the female zero-waste trailblazers we admire, or have a look at some of the WEN Wales events coming up in March and April that you can get involved in. And if you’re looking for an uplifting memoir or guidebook seeking to empower women and men, here are some great titles on our ‘must read’ list!


In the meantime, we’re logging off soon for a weekend of wellbeing and, of course, the greatest fixture in the Six Nations calendar. Come on Wales’ women!