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Celebrating International Women’s Day with the zero waste trailblazers!

By Eve


It’s International Women’s Day, when achievements of extraordinary women are celebrated across the world – not least at our Chatterbox headquarters, where we’ve also been thinking of the women who inspire us.

We’re big fans of promoting wellbeing and the benefits of being outdoors (something you may have noticed!), so naturally we’re keen on ways we can combine living well with helping to save our planet. Thankfully, the concept of ‘zero waste living’ – a global movement to eliminate household waste – does just that, with plenty of inspirational women leading the way.

So today we say a big thank you to three women pioneering sustainable living, improving the Earth’s future and challenging us to think differently and live well:


Bea Johnson: Zero waste influencer, California

Known as ‘the mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement’, Bea discovered in 2008 that her family could manage with 80% less possessions, live more simply, be happier and help to protect the future of the planet. Her popular Zero Waste Home blog, telling the story of Bea’s lifestyle journey, has been turned into a best-selling book published in 25 languages, while she has spoken about waste-free living in more than 55 countries.

Bea’s family of four produces just one glass jar of waste each year and the savings made have afforded them some fantastic adventures. Bea Johnson proves that having less means living more and she ranks pretty highly in our female hall of fame! Find out more by watching Bea’s TED talk here.


Elsa Bernadotte: Foodwaste app developer, Sweden

Stockholm’s Elsa Bernadotte co-founded Karma in 2015. In an attempt to help tackle the growing problem of food waste, her zero waste app was born to help consumers find stores and restaurants selling unsold food at discounted prices. Two thousand retailers now sell their food via Karma, it has nearly 500k users and it claims to have saved more than 284 tonnes of food from going in the bin – now that’s what we call zero waste success!

Elsa Bernadotte has made it into Forbes’ ‘30 under 30′ list 2018 and her company is tipped to be one of Wired UK’s hottest startups in Europe.


Sophie Rae: Founder of Ripple zero waste store, Cardiff

Refillable is the future at Cardiff’s Ripple store!

Ripple is Cardiff’s first not-for-profit ethical lifestyle and zero waste store and was founded by Sophie Rae, a freelance journalist with a passion for ‘conscious consuming’.

Following Sophie’s increasing concerns about the plight of the planet and her own plastic footprint, the concept of Ripple was born. Launched in 2018, Ripple sells more than 120 bulk wholefoods, as well as natural home and beauty products and ethical fashion. Customers bring along their own refillable containers; the saving on packaging makes the products more affordable and, more importantly, the need for single-use plastic is reduced.

Since opening its doors, Ripple has been bustling with enthusiastic customers and their clinking containers. Thanks to Sophie Rae, the local community is buzzing with conversations about zero waste living, and the number of people joining the ripple effect (which includes us!) is soaring.


These inspirational women all demonstrate that by making small, sustainable changes, we can have a big impact, with the ripple effect of our actions providing a better future across Wales and the world.

Happy International Women’s Day from Chatterbox – we salute inspirational ladies everywhere!