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Why your business needs a blog

As November is National Blog Posting Month (or NaBloPoMo for those who like a good tongue twister), there’s a strong chance you’re too busy dashing off your latest post to even be reading this. Because every business has a blog, right?

town-crierWell… apparently not. But you really should – and here’s why!


  1. Blogging allows you to engage with your customers and have a nice chat. In the olden days, a customer would walk into a shop and be greeted with a cheery ‘hello’ (unless he’d walked into Arkwright’s). Blogging is the 21st century of saying ‘hi there!’ to all your regulars and the lovely new customers queueing up for your goods or services.
  1. You get to SHOUT about what you’ve been up to. This could be launching a new line, moving to bigger premises or winning a fabulous award. In the olden days, you might fax this info to your local paper and get a mention at the bottom of page 17. Today you can create your own front page and tell everyone how brilliant you are!
  1. Blogging raises your profile. Hands up who believes in love at first sight? Not many of us*, as we need to get to know a person first and suss out if they’re just pretending to love Marmite to win favour. It’s the same in business; as customers, we need to gain trust in a brand before we buy. Blogging enables you to build up that trust and show your customers you’re worth investing in.
  1. Blogging is good for SEO! You can shoehorn all manner of improbable keywords and phrases into a well-written blog (trust us on that one), gaining Brownie points from Google and helping customers find you. Platforms like WordPress even score your keyword rate before publication and suggest improvements, making it easy peasy for beginners!
  1. You’re an expert. You don’t think you are, because what you know seems so obvious. But it’s not obvious to the technophobe wondering why her OS software needs updating again – she did it in 2013, after all. Share some useful stuff and show you know what you’re talking about.
  1. It’s fun! It really is if you were the class swot who loved a nice essay for homework. And even if you hate writing, it’s still better than facing those spreadsheets on a Friday afternoon…

*not statistically verified, admittedly


Coming soon: Part II… what to blog about!

If you really don’t know what to blog about and think you might burst before we get round to posting Part II, give us a call. We blog for all kinds of clients about all sorts of things, so if your news page is lacking the ‘new’ or your business is currently blog-less, we can help!