Chatterbox is currently on hold due to Coronavirus. With very best wishes to all our clients and friends through this difficult time.

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After all the talking, Chatterbox is here!

After all the talking, Chatterbox is here!

We’ve been saying for a while we’re on the way, and now we’re finally here! Welcome to Chatterbox Communications, a new and extremely friendly PR company based in south Wales. Specialising in affordable PR for small businesses and start-ups but equally at home running campaigns for large firms and national names, we’re the team to chat to!

Although a newly formed company, the team has many years’ experience in print, online and broadcast media. There have been some memorable moments – fishing a pop-up stand out of a pond seconds before Prince Charles arrived for a launch was one – and plenty of challenges (turning the history of towels into a riveting read…).

But whatever the brief, the principles are the same. We create and deliver strong messages that reach the right people and make them smile, think and engage. We approach each project, no matter how small or large, with professionalism, dedication and creativity. We dot the ‘i’s, cross the ‘t’s and spot a misplaced apostrophe from 20 paces. We never miss a deadline yet always find time for cake (it’s no coincidence that our office is right next to the freshly-renovated Calon restaurant in the fabulous Welsh ICE centre in Caerphilly Business Park).

Chatterbox was founded by Rebecca Lees and so-named because when she left home (back in the old days), her dad said he hadn’t so much lost a daughter as regained control of his telephone. We understand the pressures facing small businesses, start-ups and sole traders and aren’t here to put clients on expensive retainers without securing results in return. As one client recently said: “Chatterbox helped steer our marketing direction, with the result being clear messaging that has helped drive sales and brand awareness.” So if you need help getting into the press or writing your web content, or would just like to join us for a tea break at Calon, we’d love to say hello!