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How to add sparkle to your brand online

By Megan Donnan


As a business, you need to create a web experience which showcases your company in a matter of seconds. This may sound easy, but is it? Infusing your online presence with personality whilst keeping the attention of your audience can be a tough balance to strike, so here are our tips to help your brand sparkle, not sink!


online-marketingRemember you’re human…

When writing online content, it’s easy to fall into ‘business speak’, but the trick is to keep the same voice and personality as if you were having a face-to-face chat. Communicate as you do in person and your brand’s character will automatically shine through online.


… and then show the world!

People love putting a face to a name, right? By including photos of your team, you’re giving visitors a connection to your brand. It’s the online equivalent of a cheery greeting from a smiling member of staff when a customer walks through the door of a shop – but we do recommend investing in a professional headshot photographer!


Make your ‘About’ page compelling

Think of the ‘About us’ section as speed-dating with a potential customer. Of course, you need to dress to impress – but don’t forget the substance! By standing out from the crowd (just like real life dating, of course) you’ll give your visitor a reason to ask you out again – or at least come back for more!


Share stories

We love stories, whether dramatic, emotive or leading up to a happy ending. If your online content sounds a little drab, try injecting something that viewers can relate to. By entertaining or creating a valuable message, you’re more likely to bond with clients.


Have designs on the graphics

Businesses are stepping up their game when it comes to marketing, with successful companies investing in cohesive graphic design across all materials. If you market your brand online but also still send out flyers in the mail, make sure your branding’s uniform. The same goes when using different online platforms; if your Twitter feed doesn’t have the same ‘look’ as your Facebook page, your company won’t be instantly recognisable and the message will be confused.


social-mediaShout on social media

Are the brands you follow online always sharing interesting content? Are their posts injected with humour? Just as all the best writers spend a lot of time reading, all good businesses take time to engage with other brands online and take note of their tactics. Allocating time to schedule content is great, but make sure you spend as much time engaging in conversations to keep visitors interested and showcase your expertise.


Could your brand’s online personality do with a little pizazz? We bring the colour to online conversations – give us a call!